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Is anyone out there watching Better Call Saul?

How amazingly incredible is this show? I have to say, every single episode is so riveting, so layered…I just can’t get over it. Do I dare say it’s better than Breaking Bad? In some cases, yes. Have an opinion? Leave me a comment.

As you might know from reading older Bloggy Updates, there is a bunch of cool stuff happening right around the corner. The fun starts THIS Saturday, September 22 at the Princeton Public Library (Illinois) from 10am to 2pm. Make the trip – it will be a nice chance to get up close and personal with over 25 authors of all genres. Linky Here

A couple weeks down the road is Duncan Manor’s Spirits of the Past: Haunted History. The event will take place during 4 evenings (Oct. 12, 13, 19, 20). I will be there doing readings AND selling my wares! (all nights EXCEPT the 12th) There will also be live bands, haunted tours, and plenty of food! Linky Here for more info!


Tales of Terror: Live! Linky Here for the whole scoop!

Seriously…make the drive, carve out time in your schedule, do whatever you need to do in order to attend this one. LOTS of folks are involved and there’s going to be all kinds of fun and surprises. (It’s Thursday, October 25 from 6pm – 9:30pm at nightshop in Bloomington)

Wow – this all sounds cool, but what about Buried?

Well…October 1st is when I should have all the Beta reader “reports” on the manuscript back in my possession. After that, I start revising/editing again, so, it’s coming. The plan is still to have it come out sometime in 2019. Keep an eyeball peeled to these Bloggy Updates for the latest on the third novel.

Did I mention the NEW INTERVIEW that posted today? Yes! Go check that out too!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hi! We LOVE Better Call Saul!! We are continually amazed at how creative they are! The recent split screen intro with Jimmy and girlfriend was brilliant (also kind of sad).

    Sounds like you have a lot of cool activities planned, and I’m really sorry that your nightscape thing is on a Thursday.

    Love, Carol

    Carol R Cann, MA, LCPC, CADC 2530 Crawford Ave. Evanston, IL. 60201 847-606-3046


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