Bloggy Update 10/7

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For some reason, I really thought we were supposed to change our clocks this weekend. I don’t know if I’m trying to hurry the semester along or if I don’t appreciate this warm-ish weather we keep having in Illinois and I am subconsciously demanding that it be fall already. (It actually happens on November 4th – Daylight Savings)

No matter. We’ve been enjoying Season One of Mr. Mercedes. Wow. What a great series. I read the book (thanks, Carol!) and really liked it, so I figured I would feel the same about the show. I’ll be posting my review of Mr. Mercedes in the Review section a little later today, so hop on over there to read my take on it. (And the new season of Shark Tank begins tonight too! 🙂 )

This Saturday, October 13 (and next Friday and Saturday evening – the 19th and 20th), I’ll be selling my wares AND doing a couple of readings at Spirits of the Past at Duncan Manor (here’s the link: Click on Me!) If you’re around, it promises to be a great time. Lots of folks are working to make this a very cool event.

And of course, there is THE EVENT! Tales of Terror: Live is happening on Thursday, October 25 from 6pm – 9:30pm. Sure, it would have been great to have it on the weekend, but when I brought this idea up to the owner of nightshop (yes, lowercase), he offered this particular date because the others were taken. I couldn’t be choosy if I wanted to keep this around Halloween, so I said “sure!” I’ve also added some door prizes to the mix, so if the potential of winning free stuff is exciting (and who are we kidding, it always is), you’ll want to plan to attend. Linky Here for all the goodness!

(And then on October 27, I’ll be at The Book Nook in Peoria! More on that later!)

I’ve also received everyone’s feedback on Buried. I’ve taken a preliminary look at what each person has said and am going to begin revisions very soon. Since there is a considerable amount of “happenings/events” going on right now (in addition to my actual day job being a wee bit hectic as of late), I don’t want to spread myself too thin. Past experience has proven that when I try to do 1,000 things at once, I get sick – and that’s no good for anyone.

So – it’s all about pacing, timing, and doing one thing at a time.

Which is probably why I want that “extra” hour so badly right now! 🙂








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