Bloggy Update 10/17

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Can I tell you something?

I’m am NOT enjoying the most recent season of American Horror Story. I know. I know. How can I, a writer of horror and suspense admit to dismissing what has come to be an “iconic” show in the genre that we all know and love?


Stevie Nicks singing entire songs. Droll commentary between the characters. Snarky comebacks. Ug. I’m not sure if I’m watching a reality show or Glee (no offense, Glee fans). What I AM sure about is that there is nothing remotely scary about this season (or select other seasons) of AHS. It’s “supposed” to be apocalyptic this time around…and yet, so far, it’s been scene after scene of characters sniping at each other. Yawn.

I have, however, started revising Buried! Thanks again to all the Beta readers that have delivered some spot-on analysis and solid suggestions for the manuscript. I’ve gone through the first 4 chapters so far. Slow, yes, but I am literally catching wayward words and incorrect punctuation as well.

Hey…if you live in central Illinois, hop on over to the Events section of the blog. There are LOTS of things happening this month. This weekend (Duncan Manor), and NEXT Thursday (Tales of Terror: Live!) and Saturday, October 27th (The Book Nook in Peoria).

So, what’s YOUR take on American Horror Story? Watching it? Watching something else? Let me know! Throw a comment or two my way.






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