Bloggy Updates 11/14

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Just yesterday, the furnace decided that it wasn’t going to work. The temperature in the house dropped to 57. Unacceptable. The total bill when everything was all said and done? $666. I ALMOST asked the guy to round it up but then I thought better. They were getting enough of my money – I certainly didn’t need to add to their pockets.

So, we have heat again. I can type without having to stick my hands underneath a cat for warmth. And I am making progress on Buried, novel #3. If you don’t know, I am in the process of revising it (this is round #4 of revisions), AFTER beta readers had their hands on it. There are 43 chapters in total – but, before you say OMG, let me share with you the fact that I am a fan of “the short chapter”. In other words, some of my chapters are literally 2 pages long (regularly typed pages), so this book, like the others I’ve written, will be the proverbial quick read.

To date, I’ve completed 30 chapters – 13 to go! My goal is to finish BEFORE our school’s Christmas Break. Once that is done, my plan is to set it aside over the break and come back in early January to go over it again, catching the wayward comma, the misspelled word, the forgotten punctuation. The whole of the story will be done. Then, it will be time to look for someone who knows what they are doing as far as setting up the manuscript for Create Space (and to look for someone to do the cover).

I know what I’m looking for as far as a cover to Buried, but it has to be “just so” in terms of measurements and guidelines that technically are way above my head. So, yes, I will be on the lookout for someone who knows how to do this.

Since Create Space does NOT do this part of the work anymore, us indies have to figure that part out ourselves. They WILL, however, make the book, just like Ingram will. I’ve looked into the reviews about Ingram. Pretty much 50/50 – some love it, some hate it. I’m a little torn, but I’ve had good luck with C.S. so far, so at this time, I might just stick with them. (I know, it’s KDP now, but I’m still calling it C.S. until things pan out)

Hey! I’ll be at Bloomington Public Library THIS Saturday, November 17 from 2pm – 4pm selling my wares along with 20 other local authors. Come on by! From what I can tell, this is going to be my last event this year, so let’s make it a groovy one!



    1. Thanks, Teri! Yeah, it’s been really warm at work and then it was freezing at home! Where is that perfect 60 degree weather? 🙂


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