Bloggy Update 10/25

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It does NOT feel like two weeks has passed since I posted the last update. Yeah, it’s actually one day shy, but who’s officially counting? Really – that was like the fastest 14 days ever! 🙂

It’s been a whirlwind of book event activity as of late. Duncan Manor was two weeks ago, Wheaton was just last Saturday, and tomorrow, I’ll be in Peoria at a brand new Book Festival (check the Events page for all the groovy details) or Here!

(side note to fellow author peeps – I had my Plump Toad Bags for sale at $12 each. I had quite a few people look at them and like them, but not enough to pull the plug at that price. I’m dropping it WAY down to $5 per bag or FREE if they purchase 4 or 5 books from me. Just passing on an experience as far as merch/selling/pricing goes. Your mileage may vary depending on your event/audience/popularity)

After that, I’ve got one more event coming up for this year (unless I can manage to sneak another one in before the holidays…) Next Sunday, November 3, I’ll be back in Bloomington, Illinois at the Bloomington Public Library (from 2pm to 4pm). It’s a nice, local opportunity with a bunch of hometown authors. If you’re in the area, it’s a free event and totally worth it.

To be honest, my mind is starting to gear up for November – Nano time. I think I’ve locked into my main character’s name and am starting to puzzle out how I’ll be starting. Yes, I’m a pantster, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think ahead a little bit. I’ve been trying some different “angles” in my head but as we all know, when it eventually comes time to edit things, the final manuscript could be completely different.

Are YOU doing Nano? Have you done it before? Let me know! I still haven’t figured out how to “friend” someone on the Nano board (LOL!), so if you do it, let me know how to “friend” you!

Oh, for those keeping score, we are supposed to close on our house (selling the old one!) on November 15th. Twenty-one days. Let’s all keep hoping, okay?

Getting some new folks in the Meet & Greet too! If you haven’t checked that section out, please do. I normally post new ones on Thursdays. And if you have/know of anyone in the arts (acting, singers, woodworkers, whatever!) – tell them I’m interviewing artists of ALL kinds (Spotlight Section and Flipside Section)




  1. On the Nano board? Do you mean Pinterest? I don’t have a Pinterest account, but if you’re looking for a writing buddy, you can search my name on the Nano website. My writing name is my real name, Priscilla Bettis.

    i hope your next two events in Peoria and Bloomington are a roaring success!

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