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If you have been keeping score, you know by now that the sale of the house fell through. After much hand-wringing and mental flailing, the buyers not only balked, but walked. Our realtor put the house back on the market, and we’ve had some interest. An offer came through today and we are currently in the process of dealing with that. So, let’s all hope that this one’s a winner 🙂

Aside from house drama, there is much going on in the way of events:

Tonight, I’ll be at Duncan Manor for their final Spirits Tour from 6pm to 10pm. If you find yourself in Towanda (or Bloomington-Normal for that matter), stop by and see this amazing home. They’ll have music, food, and yours truly selling her wares.

NEXT Saturday (October 19) is Wheaton Haunted Flea Market (from 3pm – Midnight!). All the info can be found on the events page on the blog. If you are even toying with the idea of going, make a point of checking out the website: Here!

If that’s not enough (and it most certainly is not), the following Saturday is the First EVER Peoria Book Fest:  Linky Here!


It’s from 9am to 4:30pm at the FFC’s Life Together Center (3625 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, Illinois) Tons of vendors!


And then there’s Nano.

Yep, I’m going all in again. It’s time to come up with a draft for the next book and for me, there is no better way than to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I’m what they call a “pantster”, meaning that I generally come up with the story as I type. I have the roughest of ideas when I start, but where it goes and what characters pop up are anyone’s guess at this point.

I have been taking some strong mental notes over the past month – gleaned from conversations I’ve heard, things I’ve witnessed, and stories I’ve read. All that melds together in a kind of idea and concept slush and will come out as part of the story. Like many others, I won’t even begin to edit the manuscript until sometime next year. But most writers, regardless of what genre they play in, need a draft.

That’s what Nano is for me.

Okay, I think I’ve taken up enough of your day, good people! Thanks for reading. If you get a chance, pass this blog along to others. Buy a book (or two!) for the Halloween season (Linky Right Here!). Leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

And THANK YOU for following! 🙂



  1. Good luck with that house selling and your upcoming events sound great. I feel so anti-participator this year when it comes to all things fun. Stupid motorcycle accident. Next year has GOT to be better! – I’ve tried Nano a few times but was never all the successful with it. It did help me get a grip on where to start out my Witch’s Backbone story though – so that’s something. 😀

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    1. So sorry to learn about the accident. Yikes! I’ve had periods of time where NOTHING goes right – for real. But then, it does swing around again. Please be/stay patient! 🙂


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