Bloggy Update 9/28

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We sold the house.

Wait. Before we all start popping corks and whatnot, the closing isn’t until October 31 (that’s still 34 days away). A LOT has to happen yet for everything to become, as they say, legal and completed in the real estate game. Inspections. Termite checks. Fixing this and that. So, while we’re out of the woods, we’re still wandering around without a map for a little over a month. Stay tuned.

But…can I tell you how excited I am about the new Plump Toad Press Tote Bags that are coming? Wow! They look amazing! How adorable is that grumpy toad? Seriously!



How cool is that? 🙂

I should have them for the Duncan Manor Event on Saturday, October 12, but if not, I WILL have them starting on October 19th at the Wheaton Haunted Flea Market. I’m still working on finalizing the price of these bad boys and I’ll probably do some “bundling” with the books too. I’m planning on doing something like “buy two books and get the bag for X amount”, “buy 3 books and get the bag for X amount” kind of thing.

If you would like to purchase said lovely Plump Toad Bag (sans books) to carry your stuff, send me a quick email at I won’t necessarily be selling them from this blog (at this time, but things could change). However, if you find you absolutely NEED one of these delightful items, we can figure something out. 🙂

The design was done by none other than Tami Boyce, the same lady who created the cover of Buried (my latest book). Visit her here for your design needs!

Okay, keep a close eyeball peeled on the blog over the next few weeks. LOTS going on and the events are going to start coming fast and furious.



  1. Hey Sue, LOVE your bags. I was thinking about those for Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog. Where are you buying them from?? They really look great and who couldn’t use a new recyclable bag?? Thanks, Regina.

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    1. Hi Regina! Yes, that would be great. I ordered them from a local business here in Bloomington-Normal. ( I had my logo made by Tami Boyce – I told her what I was looking for as far as toads/facial expressions and that my “publication house” is Plump Toad Press. I gave Meltdown my suggestions and told them I wanted to put my logo on a tote bag (with Suspense Lives Here, which is part of my blog) and Ta-Da! 🙂 That’s the LONG answer! LOL! I hope this helps. If you want any more info, shoot me an email – Thanks!


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