Bloggy Update 8/19

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Okay, I promise I won’t whine about either of the houses. LOL.

What I will tell you about is how excited I am to be on the verge of getting an official LOGO made for Plump Toad Press (my publishing company which put out Buried). I am currently working with Tami Boyce (who also did the cover of Buried) and hope to have the logo ready for some upcoming shows later this fall. It’s going to be both adorable and saucy – a perfect combo for Plump Toads everywhere.

Also, I’m busy lining up some events where I’ll be able to sell my wares. It’s still a wee bit on the early side, but October is shaping up to be an awesome and busy month.

I’ve also been thinking more about Nano (National Novel Writing Month – November). I think I’m going to do it – which means that when I’m done, I’ll have a draft for book number #6 (or novel #4). Just like the others, it will be done in the suspense (horror-ish) genre, probably leaning toward the darker side (like Track 9). I have a bunch of ideas that I hope to incorporate, but I’m not staking any claims yet. Keep an eyeball peeled to the bloggy updates as it gets closer.

If any of you know visual artists who would like to be interviewed on the blog, have them contact me. Would love to get more folks involved in The Spotlight Section.

On a side note, we’ve started watching Mad Men. Wow. What a show. I am loving it – just as much as the Sopranos. Maybe it’s the 60s factor, but I’m all in. We’re almost halfway through season 2. Any thoughts?

Okay, that wraps up things for now! Share the blog, folks. Let’s get that follower number over 100 🙂






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