Bloggy Update 8/6

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Just one big thing, actually.

Yeah, we are still swept up in the vortex of chaos trying to sell our house. We’ve lowered the price. We’ve had the outside painted and the yard fixed up. We were even told to have the doorknobs replaced. Can you believe it? Sounds like a piece of fiction, right?

Nope. It’s a thing now. People apparently can’t handle gold door knobs. (or brass or whatever isn’t “brushed nickel”)


Anyway, NOW we are having the inside repainted and re-carpeted because some folks are unable to look past cosmetic issues and picture what THEY will do to a house once they move in.

Frustrated? Yeah, a bit. I’ve bought and sold 5 houses (now 6) in my life and I’m one of those people that could always look past a bad paint job or older carpeting. And I have to be honest – I have NEVER thought about the color of door knobs in 55 years of living. Until about 40 days or so ago.

Remind me to NEVER become a realtor. I don’t know if I could contain my discontent at people’s inability to overlook minutiae.


So, what else is new aside from my disgruntled disposition as of late? 😉

Actually, something VERY cool! I’ve been collaborating with the lady* who did the cover of my last book, Buried, and she is going to be designing my NEW LOGO for my “publishing company” – Plump Toad Press! It’s going to be a really exciting addition to offer folks who might not be “into” the suspense/horror genre BUT might prefer something else (tee-shirts, mugs, other bits of swag)

I hope to have some NEW MERCH later this year with the new logo, so stay tuned for that.

Other than that and trying to line up some more venues for the fall, life has been plodding along at a fairly rapid pace. School is about to start here in Normal (ISU) and that means 20,000 more people are about to descend on our fair town.

Here we go, fall semester!




*Tami Boyce – a GREAT illustrator and designer! I highly recommend her.



  1. Selling is a costly endeavor, but having been down this road, like you, it’s often the best abenue to a faster sell. When I’m in the market, I look at what I am going to havE to spend as a buyer. I think you are doing the right thing. Congratulations on the new press and upcoming work.

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    1. Thanks, MJ. What really floored me was the door knob issue. I mean, REALLY? LOL! Let it be known that I will never forgo a great house due to brass knobs. 🙂


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