Bloggy Update 7/8

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It’s my work anniversary.

Twenty-eight years.

But, instead of partying or taking a fun vacation day, I’ve been in the new house dealing with one thing after another. Ants for one. Actually, for many. Too many.

With it being summer here in central Illinois, every house is going to get the occasional bug or two wandering in from the oppressive heat. But this? It feels as if I’ve been living in one of those 1950s horror movies where every time you move a cup, an entourage of insects creeps its way out.

It’s been a nightmare. As Charlie said, at least it’s not spiders. Yeah, thank God for that. Because if it was, I’d probably be re-packing everything right now instead of typing out my frustration onto the computer and sharing my life’s woes with you good folks.

On top of that, we are trying to sell the old house. Apparently, potential buyers don’t care for a spotty, dead-patched lawn. Well, who among us does? So, we are looking into what we can do “from afar” that might help the situation.

Have we been able to enjoy the new house? Well, to be honest, not yet. There are fantastic things about the place, to be sure, but we literally have had someone doing SOMETHING here almost every day since we moved in.

I’ve felt really disconnected. Yeah, that could be an “overshare”, but it’s the truth. The one thing that has been interesting is that as an “escape” (so to speak), I’ve been having some ideas for the next book – taken from all the real-life drama no doubt. That’s the best source of material, I believe. Real life. I can’t get much more honest and forthcoming than that.

So, in the future, if you read book #6, whatever and whenever that will be, blame the ants for any typos. They started it.



  1. Get terro ant killer. Put a little of it near where the ants are coming from But not where the cats can get it. The ants carry it back to their nest And kill off the nest. I have had good luck with it. Me

    Joann Goetzinger Studio and Gallery 313 N Main St. Suite A Bloomington IL 61701 Open W-F 12-5 Open First Fridays 5-8 pm And Saturdays 9 am – 4 pm And by appointment 309.826.1193


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    1. We’ve had Orkin in, but yeah, I’ll pick that up too! I’m almost willing to blow-torch the kitchen…


      1. I would love to visit Illinois area sometime. That song “Saturday In the Park” always strikes me with the feeling that it came from that area for some reason, even though I read it was about New York. And then the urge to go out and feel the sunlight and green grass by water while not being an introvert hits hard. Don’t know if I like that or not lol
        Best of luck in the new place!

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  2. Thanks! It’s been a month now in the new house, but we’re still trying to remember where we put stuff from the first day! LOL!


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