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I don’t sweat coming up with titles for my books.

I know that somewhere, over the course of working on the first draft, it’ll appear in my brain and I’ll know when it’s right. That’s what happened yesterday. I’m furiously working on Nano (probably like many of you!), and right now, I’m about 30,000 words in. My main character’s name is Weston Cross and I was thinking I had it two nights ago – I was going to call the book, “Crossroads”.

But I threw that out. It felt too “obvious” and “trendy”. I didn’t like it after I chewed on it for a few hours. But I was driving home and then it just hit me: Rage.

It’s perfect. It works. It says all it needs to say by that one, short word. It will take me the better part of almost two years to finish this book, but by the end, if any of you will read it, you’ll see. Rage fits.

If you’re struggling to force a title or force a scene in YOUR Nano, step back. Don’t agonize over it. It will happen and you’ll know when it’s right. I’ve read (and heard) about lots of folks who force themselves to write every single day. Unless you have publishers/editors who have given you a deadline, I’m of the mind that an author shouldn’t be pressured or forced to create. That kind of takes away the “creative part”.

Of course, if someone WANTS to write every day, go for it. As they say on “Stuff You Should Know”, I’m not going to “yuck someone’s yum”. For me, though, I find I do better when it comes out of the blue – not when I pressure myself to “be creative”. Your mileage may vary.

Other than Nano, we sold the house! FINALLY! After 6 months of craziness and stress, it’s over. We actually drove by the night after closing and saw two cars parked in front of “the old place” and all the lights on! It made it real! Someone else is living there now and we can move on. It was closure in all the right ways.

As I mentioned before, I’ve got a good chunk of NEW AUTHOR INTERVIEWS lined up for the Meet & Greet, so please make sure you poke around the blog. I usually put a new one up every Thursday, but I might go a day late or early next week since it’s Thanksgiving. Keep an eyeball peeled!

Okay – keep that word count up (but only if you feel it!)



  1. I have heard other authors say the title comes when it needs to, and in time. Like you said, no need to stress.

    Yesterday I came across a book recommendation. It’s The Art of Slow Writing. The title caught my attention because it seems so opposite of what everybody says lately. I’m gonna read it.:-)

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