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Weird to think that the “Roaring Twenties” were 100 years ago. I mean, wasn’t it just the 70’s like, three years ago?

Time is a strange beast – certainly not a new sentiment, but it does give one perspective. I’ve seen lots of folks post what they’ve done over the past decade so I’ll throw my .02 in as well.

I bought a house.

I sold a house.

I wrote and published 5 books.

I started a blog.

I went to Norway, Denmark, and Maine.

I’ve done over 25 book events (probably more, but I’m lazy and not going to look it up! LOL)

I had a couple of surgeries (I’m fine).

I have been lucky/fortunate enough to be able to call Charlie Edwards my significant other (and now spouse).

I had wonderful pets during those years.


There’s so much more, but these are some of the memories that really stand out to me. I suppose that some of these will be “continued” or “added to” over the next ten years (more books, different vacations). I hope to add retirement to said list before too long as well.

What about you? What stands out from the past decade?

Also, look for the Meet & Greet Index of Author Interviews! I’m still working on it, but making good progress.

And, as always, please feel free to share this blog with anyone and everyone.





  1. What a great look back, Sue!
    I started publishing in the last decade, so that was a huge milestone for me. Hubby and I had some excellent trips in there as well (including a recent one to Maine), and we said goodbye to a cherished pet.
    It’s hard to believe 2020 is a reality. Like you, I hope to add retirement to my list in the coming decade!

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      1. Sue, that’s where we went, too! We actually stayed in Sullivan (about 45 minutes away) on a lake, but drove to Bar Harbor twice and did one of the bay cruises. We also spent a day in Freeport. I loved Maine!

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      2. Bar Harbor is so much fun. We really liked the animal boat tours. It’s so cool to see them where they belong just doing “seal” and “whale” things. šŸ™‚

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