Bloggy Update 3/22

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I’m not usually a paranoid person, but this virus has been forcing my hand as of late. I suppose that’s a good thing, all things considered. But it’s also made me a little more “judgey” (is that a word?).

For example – yesterday, I went into our local Jewel to get food. I wore mittens so I wouldn’t have any direct touching of things. But, as you might know, I live near a university and there were a decent number of students shopping as well. Not only did they NOT practice social distancing, but they acted as if everything was completely normal. There were groups of three and four together, touching things, laughing, getting right behind people and congregating.

I was so angry at them. It was quite obvious that they had no regard for anyone else who might “be compromised” in some way. The cashier and bagger were not wearing gloves (or masks). I was trying to press a button on a screen, but my mittens were making it tough. The cashier said that my mitten was not allowing the screen to read. I said that I was trying to avoid touching things and she actually said, “Oh…yeah. I didn’t think about that. I was using my card all over the place just yesterday.”

People are not taking this seriously. This is a scary thing and I think unless someone they personally know is affected, it’s not even pinging on their radar. Initially, I wasn’t going to post anything about COVID-19 because I wanted my blog to be a place where you could “get away from it for a little while”, but this has become too important.

Please stay home. Please keep your distance. Read. Watch movies. Watch “The Office” again. Talk on the phone. Do anything you have to in order to stay safe and healthy.

I’ll do my part from our bunker in Normal, Illinois.

There’s a new Meet & Greet posted today (3/22). I’ll be posting more stuff over the next few weeks, too. If you know of any authors/artists/musicians who want to get in on the interviews, have them email me. (

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  1. It amazes me how so many people aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously. Love your response to what happened to you! It’s crazy out there!
    Hunkering down in Colorado for the duration: We plan on NOT stepping into a grocery store, but ordering the groceries and then picking them up at WalMart.

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    1. Cynthia – good idea about the picking up of stuff. I’ve been to the store twice in the past 8 days (needed things), and I’ve seen this “lack of awareness” both times. That’s why the curve is not flattening yet -in my opinion. Stay safe and wash everything 🙂


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