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Is it October yet?

Hard to tell these days, depending on where you live. I’m in Illinois, so we just had another 30 days added to the stay at home order. I’m fine with that. Actually, I’m more than fine. I’ve never been much of a risk taker when it comes to money and health, so I’m all in for this decision. Depending on where you live (and what you believe or need as far as employment/business goes), you might see this differently. Speaking only for myself, I am completely fine with waiting to hear the “all clear” from the medical folks.

Charlie and the kitties are doing well, if not getting a little bored at times. Monkey turned four (!) and Noodle is still a fuzzy lump of snuggly fluff at close to 19 pounds (he’s 9).

Danglyfootmonkey2020        Noodlepaw2020

I’ve also been working on Rage, book #4. I’m going through 2nd revisions and just finished Chapter 14 yesterday. Once I finish going through this round of changes, I’ll set the whole thing aside again for another month or so – to let it (and my brain) rest! Then, I’ll come back and do a 3rd set of revisions, fine-tuning the story even more. I’ve already caught myself using two different names for one of the characters! LOL. That’s what happens!

As for life in general? Well, I have to say that going to bed around 1am or 2am and waking up around 10am is making the plan for retirement much more tasty. The “plan” is to retire at the end of NEXT June (2021). That’s the plan. I’ll have 30 years in on July 8, 2021 but when it comes to the state and how they configure things, I believe that finishing up at the end of June still qualifies as “30 years”. That’s how I understood it, at least. No, nothing is down on paper yet, but that’s the goal and right now I’ll take it. It’s almost impossible to plan ANYTHING in the future right now, so this is something that feels somewhat concrete.

We just saw the first season of Making a Murderer. Pretty interesting. If you like crime/court case stuff, this would be a high recommend. I wouldn’t want a “full diet” of this, but I’m totally in for Season 2.

We also saw Doctor Sleep last night. Solid movie with many nods to The Shining (hidden Easter Eggs, so to speak). I gave it a 7 out of 10. I believe Charlie liked it a little more than I did. No spoilers, but I found some scenes a little too sad for my liking. If you want to chat about the movie, let’s do! ( I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone here.

So – what are YOU all up to? Let me know – and my goodness, if you would like something to do during this “downtime”, check out one (or more) of my books! You can find them on Amazon (through the blog or right here: Click Me!)

Thanks and stay safe!


  1. Love the cat pics! I can’t believe I still haven’t seen Dr. Sleep – or even the second part of It. What kind of King fan am I? Hubby won’t watch anything horror-related, and with him working from home and not traveling for work for who knows how long, it’s limited my own watching time. Have so much to get caught up on!

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    1. 🙂 I haven’t read Dr. Sleep, but Charlie did. I was skeptical, but I ended up liking it for the most part. I would recommend it, but I wouldn’t tell anyone to RUSH to see it. Good, but not amazing (like Pontypool). Stay well and safe. States might be opening, but things are still “scary out there”.

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