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Ninety days.

That’s how many “working days” are left until I officially retire from Illinois State University. After 30 years, it’s time. When I first started back in 1991, I honestly believed that I would read every book in the entire library during my time there. (there were 1.6 million items, many of them scholarly journals) If it’s not obvious by now – that never happened.

But the coolest thing is – my own books are part of Milner’s collection. That’s something I never imagined would happen, but it has. I think that’s a pretty good “trade”.

Speaking of writing and books, I’m making decent progress on revision #3 of Rage. I’ve finished 8 chapters so far (there’s 38 in total), and hoping to get one or two more done sometime today. Like I mentioned before, once I complete this round, I’ll send it off to some Beta Readers. If I had to guess, it will probably be sometime in December or January. Still planning for a ’21 release, but I’m not rushing things. Not with covid and a lack of events. I’m still not comfortable with outdoor venues. Maybe I’m too paranoid, but I just can’t take the chance.

Later this month, I’ll be “appearing” on Teri Polen’s “Bad Moon Rising” – author interview round-up. It’s a yearly jaunt held throughout the month of October – full of author interviews and fun questions relating to Halloween. I’ve done it for three (maybe 4?) years running and it’s always been great. Check it out to learn about other authors as well. So many great writers!

Well, the screaming of the Blue Jays outside the window tell me that it’s time to go. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a list of movies we’ve recently seen (and my grade for them):

Dancer in the Dark – C to C- (An arthouse movie. Yeah, I get it, but it felt like every character was a Bad Decision Maker)

Hostel – B (Sure, it’s a slasher, and I’m normally not big on those, but this was one of the first of it’s kind. Interesting enough)

Southbound – B (Fun horror that was rather intense)

Ghost Story (1981) – C – Maybe it was me, but it felt really disjointed, like they took snippets from the book and made a movie. Kind of hard to get into it.

Pyewacket – B – Canadian horror movie. Decent. Felt like a Very Kicked Up version of a Lifetime movie with some strong left turns.


    1. It’s really a solid movie. No jump scares to speak of, and a decent story. Yep, I recommend it. Plus, check out Pontypool. Another Canadian film. Fantastic.


  1. Glad you’re making progress with Rage. Today I start an intensive 4 week virtual writing retreat that I’m hoping will see a completed first draft and more by the end. Thanks for the Bad Moon shoutout, Sue!

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    1. That sounds pretty cool. I’m guessing that you’re not doing Nano? (I guess, if you think about it, Nano is kind of a virtual intense writing retreat. LOL) Good luck with it and of course, glad to shout Bad Moon out. I have your website “linked” to mine in the “check out these other sites” area. 🙂


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