Bloggy Update 10/25

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Eighty-one working days left.

Do you mind if I start with that news? LOL. It’s almost impossible to NOT count the days left before retirement. I’ve pretty much worked somewhere since I was 17, so after 39 years, it’s too exciting to ignore. I imagine a LOT of folks could/would/did say the same thing!

Okay, on to business. I’m knee-deep in the third round of revisions on Rage. Chapters 1 – 17 are “done”. After I do two more chapters, I’ll be halfway through. Can you tell I’m a “list maker”/counter of things? I’m still shooting to be finished with all the #3 revisions before the year is up, which, at this rate, I believe I’ll do.

Once I’m done, I’ll ask a few select folks to read it – see what they think. Probably January? That’s my best guess.

I’m not doing Nano this year. I think I mentioned that last time. But I was actually interviewed at my job ABOUT writing and Nano – kind of a new thing the library is doing this year. Since I’m the “local fiction writer” of Milner Library, I was fortunate enough to score a brief interview with our Dean, Dallas Long. It was pretty cool. Of course, I started out pretty clunky, but after a while, my answers leveled out. LOL. I’ll post a link when it goes Live. (I haven’t seen the finished product yet)

Have you checked out the other pages on the blog lately? There’s NEW interviews (Spotlight AND Meet & Greet) that have been posted as of late. If you have the time, please do check them out.

I’m still working my way through a beginner’s book for French Horn. Sometimes, it almost sounds like an actual song. Other times, the noises resemble a herd of cows on the loose. So, you know, learning…

As for the latest viewing:

  1. Social Dilemma – Good documentary. Charlie and I actually stopped mid-way through to check FB. (irony much?)
  2. Fargo (Season 2) – Well written show. We’re enjoying it. I’d recommend it.
  3. Borat 2 – OMG. Some of the scenes were mindblowingly hilarious. Probably not as “funny” as the first, but beyond edgy.
  4. The Invisible Man (2020) – Not bad. I’m glad we didn’t pay $15 or whatever to see it in a theater, but, yeah,it was okay. Charlie liked it better than I did.
  5. The Octopus Teacher – Watch this. Incredible on so many levels.

And of course – VOTE.



  1. I laughed out loud at your descriptions of the French horn, Sue. There’s a learning curve. Nice you were interviewed about NaNo. I’m not doing it this year, but I’m in the second week of an online writer’s retreat, so I’ve added some words to the WIP – yay!

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