Bloggy Update 12/7

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That’s what’s been on my mind lately. Having worked in some kind of job since I was 17 (albeit, part-time gigs at times) to retirement in 52 work days has been a roller coaster of concern. Sure, retirement in and of itself is a Very Groovy thing. But it comes with a swath of apprehension.

I’ve always been a fairly organized and scheduled person. I’m not a big risk-taker or gambler by any means. I wouldn’t say I’m a “type A” personality, but I enjoy calendars, lists, and organization. I’ll never be the kind of person who “just happens to drop by”. In fact, I text one of my brothers a week before I’m going to call him, to give him a heads up. So, yeah, I guess spontaneity has never been high on the list of my personal characteristics.

Counting down to retirement has been nothing if not exciting. But I also realize that it means change. Living with someone else (who is already retired) means that there will be an adjustment period as we figure out why we need to be in the exact same spot in the kitchen at the same time. Do we have to maintain the exact same waking/sleeping schedule and eat lunch at the same moment? How does Covid and not being able to go out much play into it? Is there such a thing as “too much time on the computer”?

While I am confident that issues like these (and others) can and will be worked out, the concept of such an abrupt (?) change still leaves me with concerns. People assume I will have all the time in the world to write after I retire, but, what if I don’t want to? I’ve been putting out a book every two years since 2012. Maybe that’s where it should be. If the desire/ideas aren’t there, why force it just because you have more time?

I’m hoping that as things start to open up again, I’ll discover things I never even thought about – things that perhaps, at best, have been a passing interest, but now, I’ll actually have time to explore. I couldn’t even begin to say what it will be, but I’d like to think I haven’t run the gambit of interests at 56.

I’m not sure what’s in store after March 1, 2021. Most likely writing, most likely a continuation of things I’ve been doing like exercise and learning french horn. Certainly a love of animals and a drive to seek them out wherever they may be. Spending quality time with Charlie, of course. But beyond that?

The future is unclear.


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