Bloggy Update 12/22

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It’s getting to be that time.

Time to go “back in”….and make revision #4 happen. I have one day left before ISU’s Holiday/Christmas break. That means we get 11 days off (paid holiday!) and don’t have to go back until January 4, 2021. It feels like a perfect time to wade back into Rage.

Revision #4, for me, means cleaning up all the last bits of awkward writing, catching any missteps in characters, dialogue, and punctuation. There won’t be as much re-writing as was in revision #3 – probably about 25% or less, but there will be finalizing bits and pieces.

Once I finish with #4, I’m going to hit up some Beta Readers to get some impressions and commentary. I imagine I’ll be sending them the manuscript sometime in late January (possibly February) and hope to have all their notes back by the end of March at the latest.

I’ve been trying to refrain from looking for book events. It’s tough. I SO want to get back into it (who doesn’t?), but I won’t do it unless I feel the situation is safe enough to do so. I DO have one event planned for October of next year, but because it’s so far away, it’s not pinging on my radar yet.

I am, however, working with a local bookstore (all through emails right now) who has offered to sell my books (3 of them – my choice) on a split. I’ll have more details in January, but it’s a very groovy thing. She’s open to have local authors do readings and whatnot, so stay tuned.

We’ve been eyeball deep in the series “Designated Survivor” and have only two episodes to go. It’s kind of like a political drama with comic relief bits thrown in. I wouldn’t normally like something like that, but it’s pretty good and I can spew snarky commentary at the screen without Charlie minding too much. LOL.

We ordered “Better Call Saul” (season 5) through Netflix. (we still get the discs too – we’re boomers!) They got lost in the mail. Calls were made. Emails were sent. It was a BIG THING. We finally got them and realized we already watched Season 5.

*sigh* LOL.

Have a VERY groovy Christmas and/or Kwanzaa (if you celebrate), Happy Belated Hanukkah, and Merry Solstice.


  1. hey, nothing wrong with getting the DVDs! i love having the discs independent of wifi availability. And it’s a classic, so it’s always something to rewatch. Best of luck with the book, i know it’s brilliant.

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  2. I watched Designated Survivor when it was first released (I’m a Kiefer fan), but can’t remember why I stopped. I’ve got one book event planned so far for next September – keeping my fingers crossed!

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