Bloggy Update 4/18/21

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Revision #6 is done.

It’s been quite a road, but Rage is almost there. In about a week and a half, I’m going to start the final revision (#7). Once that’s done, I’m sending it off for layout and will start coordinating to create a cover. I’m working on a back-of-the-book blurb now, so that should be in place when the time comes. It’s happening, people. I’m envisioning late summer for the release.

Artists? I need you. Whether you paint, draw, sculpt, do jewelry, etc. – The Spotlight Section is looking for YOU. I’d really love to give some artists an opportunity for an interview on the blog. While writing/authors are forefront here (through Meet & Greets), I think it’s important to “lift up and raise awareness” of ALL artists (musicians, you too!).

I think I lost a few followers because of this branching out. But, you know, I’ve seen a number of “events” and “shows” around Illinois that were geared toward “the arts”, but what they really meant was “visual arts” (excluding authors/musicians). I guess if it took place in an art gallery, I could see that, but these are events which take place outdoors and have a great deal of space. I know authors would gladly pay to set up tables and their wares at these functions, but were/are not allowed.

This is the reason I’ve opened up my blog to include ALL the arts. While the numbers will favor authors, I’m not going to exclude anyone, regardless of what type of art they are engaged in. So…if YOU know of any art folks (or musicians for that matter), who would like to get in on a little free publicity and do an interview, please send them my way (

Also, to anyone in the Bloomington/Normal area, Bobzbay is selling my books! (3 out of 5 right now). They are signed and cost $12. If you are so inclined, swing by and get one (or more!) They make a great gift and your purchase will help support a local business (and a local author).

That’s a wrap for today. Check back soon! A new Meet & Greet is coming in the next 24-48 hours! 🙂



  1. Congrats on the book, Sue – it’s almost here! There seem to be several craft/art fairs around here and authors are never included. Now that things are starting to open up, I’ve been looking all over for places to sell books, but not really having any luck. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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    1. That’s exactly my point. I really think there’s a disconnect when most people think of “art” (that it HAS to be visual and not written or sung). I’m hoping to change that! 🙂

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