New Author Alert 1/17/22

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The Meet & Greet Section of the blog (author interviews) welcomes Priscilla Bettis today! She is author interview #196. Please take a few minutes to pop on over and read what she has to share with us. And by all means, comments are (a little tricky on my site right now), but ALWAYS welcome and encouraged. Engaging with the interviewees is a great way to connect and make new author friends 🙂

Thank you, Priscilla! Have a great Monday!


  1. I forget if I’m supposed to comment here, but I couldn’t find a spot on the interview, so here I am, LOL.
    That was a fun interview with concise answers. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read of Priscilla’s. And BTW, I am a potato chip person! 🙂

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