All Business – Coming Soon! 6/20/22

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A NEW Section of the blog is in the works.

This section (All Business) will feature mostly other authors (I’ll pop in once in a while) who will be sharing their experiences with publishing, marketing, writing, sticking points, selling…ANYTHING that has to do with being a writer. I’m in the process of structuring this concept and how I plan to run it. I also hope to share specifics on companies and people to look out for (think: scams).

If you are interested in participating in this, shoot an email my way. ( This is a non-paying gig, but you can share your work/links/etc.

Planning on featuring this NEW column once a month. And yes, writers can contribute more than once! There’s a lot of experience out there! Let’s share it!

Specifics to come! Keep an eyeball peeled to this spot as well as the Bloggy Updates.

Right now, this is what I have so far:

When: Monthly

Who: Any writer/author

What: Any length (within reason – probably looking at less than 3,000 words but more than 300, but not a hard and fast rule) article/column about anything in the writing profession.

Why: To share information. To encourage other writers. To help those with similar issues or provide new ideas.

How: Through this blog/section called “All Business”.

Possible Staring Date: August OR September 2022

Pay Scale: None. But authors can promote their work(s) at the end of the article.

If you have questions, want to volunteer writing a piece (or more!), have ideas, or want to share anything else, shoot an email my way! (


    1. Thanks, Priscilla! I know this kind of thing has been “done before” on a number of other blogs. I’m trying to come up with a slightly different angle for the column before I actually start it. 🙂

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