New Bloggy Update 7/9/22

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I cannot handle the cuteness.
In mid-“baaaaaa”
Goat in bucket and friend.

Baby goats.

A mini-vacation to Cedar Creek Ranch (shout out!) in Illinois (near LaSalle/Peru) allowed Charlie and I to partake in a Goat Happy Hour. It was worth every penny and I’d do it again. Aside from snorgling goats, we relaxed, had some nice meals, saw the newest Minion movie, and did a tiny bit of shopping. All in all, it was good to get away for a little while.

I’ll soon be getting into draft #3 of Sanctum. Mostly likely in about a week. I’m trying to solidify events for the rest of the year so I don’t have to “worry” about scheduling things last minute. I’m almost ready to pull the plug on the Wheaton Haunted Flea (October 29) – to just sign up for it again. There’s nothing wrong with doing it and I sell pretty well. It’s just SO LONG (9 hours). I know. Not a real problem – just whining. When I do shows, I normally stand through the whole thing. It’s something I learned early on – selling happens best when you’re on your feet engaging with a potential reader. At least for me. While there ARE chairs, I just don’t ever feel right trying to sell from a seated position. Could be a holdover from my days in retail.

I’ve also noticed table fees have gone up. Yikes! I understand the venue’s need to make money, but HOLY COW! My books sell for $10 (when I sell in person). My Toad Bags sell for $5. I don’t have a big price point to begin with, so dropping, say $150 or more on a table fee is a tough decision, one I make VERY selectively. If the expected foot traffic is high, I might consider it. If not, I just can’t get there. What do YOU think and how do YOU decide which venue to do (and how high will you pay for a table)?

Some of these concerns are subjects I’ll (or others) will be addressing in the NEW segment, “All Business“. I’ll be sending out an official call for anyone interested in writing a short article for it. Again, it’s non-paying, but you can promote your work. I’ll most likely have a selection of topics from which to choose, BUT will gladly accept ANYTHING to do with the writing/marketing/promotion/being a vendor business.

We JUST finished the final installments of Stranger Things. It was pretty entertaining. If you’re a fan of the 80s, YA, sci-fi-ish shows, coming-of-age programming, you’ll dig it. Start from the beginning, though. It’s definitely a series that builds on itself, so coming in at the middle will only leave you confused.

We’re also almost done with the Umbrella Academy (newest season). Here again, sci-fi/time-travel, YA, and suspended belief rule the day. It’s enjoyable, albeit a little confusing to me as far as the story lines go. But the characters/actors are so good, I don’t mind being lost at times. LOL.

Better Call Saul, the final episodes, are coming. THAT is where my biggest expectations lie. Regardless of what happens, it’s going to be amazing.

And of course, Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) – Fun. Hilarious at times. Silly. Goofy. Cute. High recommend.


    1. Snorgling = cuddling with adorable animals. I’m sure it’s not an “official word” – more of a slang/colloquialism.


    1. I had to stop myself from posting more pictures! LOL. S.T. really set itself up for the next season, didn’t it? Yeah, I thought the last episode was great and pulled a lot of stuff together. 🙂

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  1. That’s a steep table fee, Sue. We had a big book fair in Portland (until Covid) and I couldn’t recover the fees. I did it more for exposure, but don’t know if I’ll go back when it opens again. And that baby goat. Cuteness plus. Thanks for the smiles.

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    1. Table fees are kind of getting out of hand. I’ve heard of ones nearing the 300 mark, and I think that’s pretty outrageous. I’m glad you liked the goats! That was one of the best parts of the vacation.

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