New FlipSide Alert! 1/2/23

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The blog welcomes Thorsten Nesch to the FlipSide Section! Hailing originally from Germany, Thorsten has had quite a list of accomplishments to his resume, including musician. Please take a moment and head over to the FlipSide to check out what he has to share with us. Thanks, Thorsten!


  1. I’m so sorry, Sue, just can’t find this post. I’ve hopped around your blog several time with no luck. I have the author meet and greets down, but the artists still confound me on where to find them.

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  2. I did find it, but couldn’t find a place to comment, so I’ll comment here…digital music sounds much like ebooks in that it’s so wonderful to have that platform, but yes, there are a lot of colleagues out there as well. Wishing Thorsten all the best. His music sounds intriguing!

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