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I’m not sure I remembered to share this adorable face from the Wolf Park Sanctuary (in Battle Ground, Indiana). We visited the place during the last week of December. Yes, it was cold, but so worth it. If you get a chance, go. It’s very “educationally-oriented” (unlike a touristy money grab that doesn’t really care about the animals).

I’ve been knee-deep in scanning possible events to attend this year. I’ve already scheduled two (one in April and one in September), but want to get at least another six or so sprinkled in over the next 12 months. As I’ve said before, it’s really the only time I can “sell my wares”. I’ve noticed that some of the table fees have gone up to what I would call “high end”, almost boutique pricing. In the past, I remember paying anywhere around $30 to (gasp!) $100, depending on the event and venue. Now? I’m looking at $150 – $200 on average. Yikes.

So, as I mentioned in a recent All Business article (which can be found on this blog), I’m weighing the expected attendance, the past history of said event, and the length of “selling time” before I make a decision and ask for a contract. With my low price point ($10 a book and mug and $5 per Toad Bag), I have to choose wisely if I’m going to break even. Sure, meeting potential readers and making connections also comes into play, which is why I’m also taking a few “more expensive” leaps.

Sanctum is “on hiatus” as my Beta Readers are doing their thing this month. Honestly, it’s kind of nice to “NOT have to get up early and edit”, which is something I do when I’m working on drafts.

As for what we’ve been watching?

Not too much, as Charlie and I have been working on our own projects after dinner (which is when we normally watch TV), but we have managed to sneak in a few:

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) – I tapped out after a godawful twenty minutes or so, but somehow, Charlie managed to make it through the entire film and end up liking it (although he ended up rating it only 6.7 out of 10, so, is that saying much? LOL) Anyway, if you like painfully dull fever dreams that go into bizarre horror directions (sort of like the movie Mandy), this will be up your alley.

The Forgiven (2021)While driving to a party at a grand villa, a wealthy couple on the verge of divorce accidentally hit and kill a young Moroccan man who was selling fossils on the roadside. (Google) I thought this was a decent movie that ended up going in a direction or two which I had not anticipated. No spoilers here, but most of the characters are loathsome creatures (read: stuck up and entitled beyond belief, not to mention racist), so part of me wanted to ditch this early on. But, I ended up giving it a 6.8 (Charlie liked it better…hmmm, I think that’s a theme…). It’s solid and Ralph Fiennes really holds the story together.

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) – I know this was a book (written in the 1920s!), but I had never read it. I had NO IDEA what to expect – I know, maybe a little lame on the historical front of things, but it’s the truth. Anyway, I learned a bit about WWI (which I embellished by looking up factual bits and pieces during the movie) and came away more knowledgeable about both movie and history. It’s gritty and dirty and doesn’t hold back, so be prepared. History fans? You should be all in on this one.

Taxi Driver (1976) – A little late to the party on this one? LOL. Yup – that’s me. I was 12 when this came out, so it wasn’t necessarily on my radar. As to why I hadn’t watched it anyway? Who knows. Things like that slip through cracks and then life happens. But now that I’ve seen it, I can see how, historically, it made quite the impression back then. It’s hard to “see it for the first time NOW, having seen so many other gun heavy/character-driven stories” and feel like Taxi Driver is breaking barriers. In ’76, though, I figure this kind of tale was groundbreaking, so I rated it with that in mind and gave it a 7.7. Charlie gave it a 9.7. So, high recommend, especially if you haven’t ever watched it.

So, there it is! How are things going for YOU? What have YOU watched that felt a little “late to the game”?

Have a Groovy Weekend!



  1. We have a wolf pack sanctuary in our area but I haven’t been to it yet. I’ve heard only amazing things about them. That’s an awesome photo.

    I’m late to the game on all the movies you mentioned–I haven’t seen any of them. Yikes!

    I have, however, recently discovered Ted Lasso on Apple TV and am hooked! Better late than never, LOL.

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    1. There’s SO many movies, it’s impossible to see them all. Also, there’s so many WAYS/CHANNELS these days – we don’t have half the stuff most people talk about (Peacock, Apple TV, Paramount, etc…) We get by on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Rarely will we “purchase” something (maybe a handful of times a year).


      1. I hear you! We have Hulu and Amazon Prime. I got Apple TV free for three months because I bought a new MacBook Air., and am taking advantage of the subscription while I can, LOL!

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