Bloggy Updates 1/28

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It’s freezing here in Illinois.

That’s no shock to anyone, I’m sure. But isn’t it what most folks chat about when trying to make small talk? The weather? It’s easy. Everyone experiences it. It’s low hanging fruit, so to speak.

I think that’s why I like to write about things that aren’t so easy – the underbelly of society and the dark sides of people. Generally speaking, I don’t know of many people who would start a conversation with a stranger by talking about necrophilia, but that is (just one of many) aspect in my new, upcoming book, Buried.

See, it’s the little things, the uncomfortable things, the disturbing yet true things that make life a wee bit more…interesting.

As for Buried, I am ALMOST halfway done with the FINAL revisions/review. Yes, I know – how many times does an author revise a book?

A lot.

It takes many, many times through to get the phrasing just right. A word can be “off”. A section of dialogue may sound clunky the first two or three times you read through it. In order for the final (the REAL FINAL) manuscript to be the best it can be, a writer has to read it over and over again.

But, I am still gearing for an end of February date to be DONE. Then, to find someone to ‘format’ it and do the cover. So, it’ll really start getting exciting in March. Stay tuned!

Have you seen any good movies as of late? Let me know! Leave a comment or two – don’t be shy 🙂




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