Bloggy Update 1/28

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“How are you doing, today, Weston? Did you have a chance to go to the library and check out those books on that list I gave you?”


“Well…can you tell me how your week went? How has work been for you?”

“Like any other week. Work’s always the same.”


This is a tiny segment from the first draft of Rage.

Why put it here? Because it kind of sums up the past few weeks. I wouldn’t call the latter half of January a slump, but…well, yes. Yes, I would. The second half of January has always felt like a drag.

Between the weather being cold and grey and work rolling along at a slug’s pace (with projects that continue to be put on hold), the wheels grind through these days rather slowly. I’m not necessarily saying this is bad, but it does make everything feel like it’s been coated with a lacquer of forlornness (yes, this is a word).

There has also been some terrible news as of late (accidents taking people too soon, Australia fires, etc.), but those tragedies could have happened during any time of the year.

I’m blaming January.

But, in looking ahead, I am starting to feel the pull – the first draft is beginning to call me back in. I think, if all goes well, I will probably pull up the manuscript of Nano and start poking around. I’m thinking sometime in February.

Also, if you know of any art folks or music folks who would like to be part of the blog, give them my email (  I’d certainly welcome them!

I think it’s going to be a short one today, folks. Just chalk it up to the January blah-ness.



    1. My biggest bugaboo is that when I am “writing”, I don’t read. So, I’m reading a bunch of books that I’ve been holding off on right now before I start writing! 🙂

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