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After 7 1/2 months, we finally have pictures on our walls at the house. I know, things take time. There’s still a few partially dug through boxes here and there (they’re not mine! 🙂 ). I’m about THISCLOSE to feeling like we could have company over. LOL.

I wouldn’t be doing my author-ly job if I didn’t point out two VERY COOL events that are coming up:


Sugar 4 SPICE Authors Event

Date: Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Event: 220 E. Front Street (second Floor) ***Historic Building with NO elevator access****
Bloomington, IL 61701

No photo description available.



Bishop Hill Book Fair!

Date: Saturday, April 4

Bishop Hill Creative Commons

309 North Bishop Hill Street, Bishop Hill, Illinois 61419

10 am until 5 pm BOOK FAIR! Readings & Workshops
5 pm – 6 pm Authors Happy Hour & Round Robin Conversation
6 pm Potluck with Community
7pm Concert with Musicians & Author

Tentative List of Authors: Brian “Fox” Ellis, Sue Rovens, TC Boyd, Amanda Ramsay McNeill, Brandon Carleton, Thomas McKay, J.L. Callison, Roy Swanberg, Chad Elliot, Victoria Noe, Joan Aubele, Jannifer Powelson, Matthew Hansen, Indigo Skye.

Tentative Workshop Schedule:

10:00 Teaching Ecology with Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk with Jannifer Powelson
10:30 Playing with Genre – Turning Poetry into Stories into better Essays with Brian “Fox” Ellis
11:00 Writing A Story Song with Chad Elliot
11:30 The Whys, Why Nots, and What Ifs of Writing with J.L. Callison
12:00 Someday I Should Write a Book & That Day is Today! with Amanda Ramsay McNeill
12:30 Working With Small Presses: Finding the Right Fit with Thomas McKay
1:00 If They’re Snoozin’, You’re Losin’ – Making a Reading a Memorable Experience with Sue Rovens
1:30 Writing in Retirement: What’s the difference? With Roy Swanberg
2:00 March of the Women: Music for the 100th Anniversary of Suffrage at the Dairy Building with Phil Passen
3:30 Several Streams of Income from One Source with Brian “Fox” Ellis

5:00 Round Roboin Conversation with Authors discussing the life of an author and the nature of the work. (BYOB)
6:00 Community Potluck, bring a dish to share

7:00 Evening Concert will feature a few of the authors who are also musicians, Including Rapper T.C.Boyd, award winning musician and artist-illustrator-author Chad Elliot, and our host Brian “Fox” Ellis.




If you can, try to make it out to one of these cool venues. Both are new places (to me), so I’m pretty excited – venturing into the unknown!

Aside from preparing my workshop for Bishop Hill, I’m also in the process of getting Buried, novel #3, into a Kindle format. Since CreateSpace/KDP doesn’t do formatting for people anymore, I’ve had to reach out to some wonderful knowledgeable folks that understand technology on how we can make this happen. So, this will be coming – it’s just not as simple as I initially thought. My best guess is that a Kindle version of Buried should go “live” sometime in March. Keep an eyeball peeled!

I’m also poking around at a few author events up near the Chicago area…BUT, it’s not as easy as simply signing up. Full disclosure here – while I DO drive, I don’t drive over scary bridges:

harbor bridge australia

For some reason, I think they will fall on me. As long as someone else is driving, I’m good. But, you can see that this irrational fear prevents me from say, driving to Chicago or even Peoria by myself. So, I have to be able to work around Charlie’s Saturday work schedule. He has been SO helpful and accommodating over the years, but we do have to choose events carefully. Maybe, someday, I’ll “deal” with this fear, but that day is not today…

In other news, we finished watching Game of Thrones (finally). Yeah, it was, uh…interesting. Sci-Fi/Fantasy isn’t normally my bag, but I enjoyed watching it. I don’t think I’ll ever read the books, but I’m glad to have experienced “that world”. What I am really excited for is the start of Better Call Saul. I’m going on record here saying  that this show is every bit as good as Breaking Bad. Yep. I said it. 🙂

And of course, if you haven’t checked lately, PLEASE take a little time to visit the Meet & Greet authors, The Spotlight Section, and The Flip Side Section on the blog. Really great folks are sharing their time in these interview segments! Thanks to all of you!!

Okay, I think I’ve been pretty long-winded here, but I wanted to get all this out there. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own collection of suspense/horror books – have you ordered YOUR copies?

You can order right from the blog on the front page. I’ll even make it easier for you:


Thanks! 🙂





  1. Wow! Lots going on. Wishing you all the best (and many sales) at the bookish events. I have one coming up in April and am looking forward to it.
    I had a small chuckle about your fear of bridges. I don’t mind driving OVER them so much, but I’m not particularly fond of driving UNDER them when they cross land. We have an old railroad bridge (I call it a troll bridge) that I have to drive under every day when I leave work. There is a stop sign on the other side, and occasionally cars back up beneath the bridge. If no one is behind me, I always wait until I drive under it and out the other side. I hate sitting under that thing, LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s hilarious. I know. The bridge thing is so weird! And I KNOW it’s weird. If it were a covered bridge, I’d be fine. It’s the big metal ones that freak me out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I also just finished GoT. Knew what was going to happen – it was impossible to avoid spoilers – but I’m glad I hung with it until the end. Much luck with the book events – hope you sell tons!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I know. I had read a LOT of what eventually happened, but there were a few shocking things. Overall, I’d say I found the show really interesting, but there were times where I forgot who was who or how they were all related. I still can’t say I understand the White Walkers (like, who were they? Why were they so mean and intent on killing everyone? Who was the main bad guy with them and what’s his backstory?) It was probably in there, but I have no clue! LOL.
      And thank you! I hope to sell tons too! 🙂 I have my Plump Toad Bags now too – grumpy frogs rule. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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